Traditional beveled window design

Bevels and architectural glasses provide semi-privacy while allowing maximum light in
this door panel.

These two windows simply attest to the care and craftsmanship involved.  The bow sash and bow stained glass panels created to fit an existing structure demand the utmost of precision measurement, artist skills and that seldom appreciated “OMG-how do you fix this!”.  These were built and installed many years ago and they have survived the test of time and weather.  Thank You.

These leaded glass panels was designed and built to add complementary color, increase privacy and add light.  It has been very successful.

Stained Glass Window Design & Services

Although not technically stained glass, acrylic paint on polycarbonate provides
similar privacy with light and color when glass is not suitable.

The beauty of stained and leaded glass come from the interplay of light, color and texture. When planning our stained glass projects we will work closely with you to create the design that pleases you. As well as basic style - from traditional to contemporary - each of our unique designs takes into consideration where and how the panel will be installed, the available light and whether or not privacy is an issue.

Contact us today if you have any questions or if you are ready to start your project whether it is a new window or a repair.

These two leaded glass cabinet doors were designed for a newly remodeled kitchen.