Stained Glass Repair

Stained glass repair is a wonderfully perplexing combination of art, science and the magic of light.​​

 Broken Stained Glass Panel

This stained glass mosaic window had been constructed by gluing colored glass to a sheet of clear glass and then
filling the voids with a glazing material. The installation of the window was poorly done, leaked and it failed. This
panel has more than 500 pieces of glass some of which are smaller than 1/16 of an square inch. The restoration
took a long time, a sash and frame had to be made, and carpentry was involved.

Repaired Stained Glass Panel

Contact us today if you have any questions or if you are ready to start your project whether it is a new window or a repair.

Simply said, a repair is not a restoration!  A repair simply replaces the glass and there may be other changes.  A restoration returns the item to its original condition and this is frequently not possible.

The simplest repairs usually involve replacing a single lite or piece of glass in a window or panel with a close match.  If the window or panel is in good condition and the damaged glass is clear, it is easy.  If the glass is colored, the shape complex, beveled, painted or other surface treatments–it gets slightly more difficult to absolutely impossible.   I will try to give examples below.

This entry stained glass was completely failing and was redone.